Objet 30 Orthodesk

Digital orthodontics is rapidly becoming the standard production tool for orthodontic clinics and laboratories. Offering the ability to cut production times, increase efficiency, accuracy and digitally store orthodontic models, the benefits of digital production are clear.

Orthodesk 30

For orthodontic lab owners and managers, mid-size or small-size, choosing the right technologies to deliver the best return on investment is not always straightforward. With the introduction of the Objet 30 Orthodesk, Stratasys printers are leading the way in enabling orthodontic labs to reap the maximum benefits from the digital orthodontics era.

Easy Integration into Orthodontic Labs

By combining oral scanning, impression scanning or stone model scanning – with CAD/CAM design and 3D printing, orthodontic labs and clinics can accurately and rapidly produce a range of orthodontic appliances. With a 3D Printing System doing the detailed work, orthodontic labs can eliminate the bottleneck of manual modeling and allow the business to expand and stay ahead of the competition.


Streamline and Improve

Eliminate human error and do the job much faster on a 3D Printing System. By combining the digital design of orthodontic appliances with 3D printing, you can eliminate the need for physical impressions that can be inconvenient for orthodontists and patients alike.


Increase Productivity

Significantly reduce model/part fabrication times and double output per technician. The 3D Printing System gets to work producing exactly what you see on screen, without deviations or faults– and it does it in much faster time, using far less skilled labor. With an Orthodesk 3D Printing System you can efficiently scale up production and handle new orders with ease. There is no need to invest in teams of expensive skilled technicians or worry about the time and cost of training them.

Mold 2

The Objet 30 Orthodesk can fabricate unique:

  • Stone models
  • Orthodontic appliances
  • Surgical guides
  • Delivery and positioning trays
  • Clear aligners and retainers

Click here to see how the Orthodesk is already making a difference in orthodontic practices!

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