Online Printer Usage Reports

Online 3D printer usage reports are available right in GrabCAD Print and, if you have set up GrabCAD Print Server, are available in the secure online interface at

Reports online

Reports are powered by GrabCAD Print Server. Before you can see the online reports, you must enable them, and wait some time for the data to be collected. To enable reports, go to and log in, then click the Reports tab and click Enable Reports. This turns on Reports for the whole company account.

, Online Printer Usage Reports

GrabCAD Print Server reads the log files on the printers and reports this data to the secure web interface available at

The data in Printer History refreshes every two hours and is the same as what’s available in Catalyst and Control Center. In addition to generic information about each job such as material consumption and print time, the only specific information is the name of the job and which PC sent it. The list of files on the tray and any print settings are not shown. Only people who are members of your company account can log in and see this information. If you are an account admin, you can add and remove members from the Company Admin page.

If GrabCAD Print Server goes offline temporarily, all the interim data will be populated in the Reports page momentarily after it comes back online.

Reports available

In the secure online interface there are three reports available: Materials usagePrinters Utilization, and Printer History. Below are screenshot examples of each.

Materials Usage

, Online Printer Usage Reports

Printers Utilization

, Online Printer Usage Reports

Note: you can turn off individual printers from displaying in this chart with the drop-down menu at the top:

, Online Printer Usage Reports

Printer History

, Online Printer Usage Reports

Filtering your data

Reports will show all data available for all the printers on your company account. If you want to view the data for a specific printer, select it from the drop-down in the upper right. You can also narrow the date range here.

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