Stratasys 3D Printing: Part Shift on FDM machines

Part Shift on FDM machines

Part shift is one type of part quality issue we see on FDM machines. There are several simple things that can be checked that may resolve the issue.

Part Shift

Here we see some examples of parts shifting.

The first and most simple thing to check is to  make sure the build plate is latched and secured.  If you have a Dimension 1200Fortus or Uprint, check to see that the print head will toggle from side to side with only minimal resistance.   Next, check all the rods and belts in the build chamber to make sure they are not loose.   With the machine off, move the head around and make sure it moves freely.  Check for buildup around the Z stage lead screw.  Lastly, we can swap the X and Y ribbon cables in the back of the machine. NOTE: Please turn the machine off when doing this.


ribbon swap 1

If you are still having issues after checking all this, please call you local reseller.

Dave Murawski
Application Engineer, Additive Manufacturing
Computer Aided Technology

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