Polyjet and FDM Material Expiration Date and Shelf Life

Both Polyjet and FDM materials have a shelf life to them and Polyjet has a hard expiration date which it won’t read in the machine past that date. The shelf life for the material is from when it’s manufactured till when it’s no longer available.

For FDM machines the shelf of the material is about 3 years from manufactured date as long as the sealed bag and cartridge is not opened. If the bag is opened the shelf life goes down to about 6 months. Material being open to the environment absorbs moisture and will cause print quality issues and shorten tip life expectancy.

The manufacturing date can be found on the box or on the canister itself under the size of the canister and above the lot number.

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Polyjet material has a shelf life of about18 months from manufacturing but it’s about 12-14 months by the time they reach the consumers. Unlike the FDM material, the Polyjet bottles have RFID tags that have an expiration date on them that will not allow them to be used after that day.

All materials for Polyjet machines and materials follow the same labeling series. The date is located on the front of box, labeled in Day-Month-Year series and is the same on each bottle.



Dominick Damato

Field Service Engineer


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