Replacing Your F123 Series 3D Printer Standard Printhead

When the printhead in your Stratasys F123 3D Printer reaches 1500 build hours (odometer limit), a warning will be displayed on the User Interface and the head’s Head Status Icon will be highlighted in red on the Materials page. You can continue using a head which has exceeded its odometer limit, but it is highly recommended that you change the head as part quality will be unpredictable.

The instructions listed below are a guide on how to change out the standard head. The procedure is the same for replacing both the model and support heads.

  1. Unload material from the head that will be replaced
  2. With the printer powered ON, open the top cover

**Note: Replacing a head while the printer is powered ON will ensure that an Automatic Tip Calibration is performed after the replacement process is compete. Power is automatically removed from the head and all motors when the top cover is opened.

, Replacing Your F123 Series 3D Printer Standard Printhead

  1. Depress the release tab and unclip the head ribbon cable for the head that will be replaced (Model head is on the left. Support head is on the right).
  2. Disconnect the material tube for the head that will be replaced.
  3. Unlock the head release lever for the head that will be replaced.

Head Connections

, Replacing Your F123 Series 3D Printer Standard Printhead

  1. Pull the head assembly out of its position within the gantry and remove it from the printer. Remove Head

, Replacing Your F123 Series 3D Printer Standard Printhead

  1. Insert a new head assembly into the vacant location within the printer.
  2. Lock the head into place using the head release lever. Press the lever securely closed to ensure that the head is properly seated.
  3. Connect the material tube to the new head assembly.
  4. Insert the head ribbon cable connector into the new head assembly ensuring it is fully seated in the head and the connector retention latch engages.
  5. Close the top cover.
  6. An Automatic Tip Calibration will automatically be performed prior to the start of the next build following a head replacement. Please note that the printer must be powered ON before calibration can occur.

Note: If a head was replaced while the printer was powered OFF, an AutomaticTip Calibration does not occur after closing the top cover, you must manually initiate the calibration. See your user’s guide for instructions. It is also recommended to perform the manual calibration after a head is replaced per the user’s guide. If you don’t have a user’s guide please email and we will be more than happy to send you a digital copy.

John Dessoffy
Field Service Manager
Computer Aided Technology, Inc

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