Reverse Engineering Scanner Technology

Last week, I attended the Wichita Industrial Trade Show
which is held every two years in Wichita, Kansas.  This show offers several hundred booths
offering machine services to consulting to cleaning products found in most
manufacturing shops today.  We ran across
one interesting company though that I wanted to share with you as I get a lot
of requests for this from customers.  The
company is called Modern Manufacturing Technologies International and they
offer 3D scanning for reverse engineering or inspection.  Here is their link (


Basically they use light patterns shown on objects which is
captured by a separate camera and then a point cloud is generated in their
software.  This file can then be opened
into any number of point cloud surface generating software.  In fact, if you own SOLIDWORKS Premium, you
can even turn on the included Scan to 3D add-in and open these point cloud
files in SolidWorks!  We offer several
wizards to help with the clean-up of geometry and mesh prep wizards to refine
the scanned data.

The process of using light patterns yields greater success
when compared to traditional laser scanners especially when used on sheet metal
parts with edges.  This is one of their
major selling points.

Since we seem to get requests for scanning parts, I thought I
would pass on their contact info.  Please
contact them at the address above to seek more information.

Brian Reel

Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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