Running SOLIDWORKS on multiple operating systems


Does each operating system require its own SOLIDWORKS Installation?

Due to the fact that SOLIDWORKS stores information in the operating systems registry and installs files that are specific to the operating system, you will need to install SOLIDWORKS on each operating system.

OS Summary

If the user was installing different versions of SOLIDWORKS on one computer, on two different drives, using the same serial number, it would only use the one activation allowed on that computer.

However, if the user is installing SOLIDWORKS on different partitions on a computer, each installation will require a separate serial number or if using network licensing it would use two of the seats from that SNL


How is SOLIDWORKS technical support able to perform multiple SOLIDWORKS version tests with multiple operating systems?

SOLIDWORKS technical support can accomplish this using virtual and physical machines. If an issue requires a specific operating system to duplicate it which is not available at the time, they can use a virtual machine. If an issue is hardware specific which is not available they can do a remote session with the user in order to reproduce the issue within the environment.


Courtney Roemer

Application Engineer

Computer Aided Technology

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