Service Pack 8 for SmarTeam V5R17

SmarTeam has released service pack 8 for V5R17.

It can be downloaded from the SmarTeam support site.

SP8 boasts many enhancements, fixes to the SolidWorks integration, and is being anticipated quite heavily by many of Inflow’s customers.

Inflow has done some testing of this service pack and would like to issue a caution to customers that may want to install this Service Pack.

We have found that in some cases when the server and client are using different Operating Systems (OS) the client can no longer communicate correctly with the server. SmarTeam has confirmed our findings, and they are issuing a “hotfix” for this issue. We believe this affects most SmarTeam customers. Please test before deploying!

The service pack requires that the server and all clients be at the same version (SP8). This, of course, is how SmarTeam always supports the product. However, we have found that customers will sometimes update the clients and then upgrade the server when time permits. You will not be able to communicate with the server if the versions are mismatched.

We will keep you posted on any other findings! Please visit Inflow Technology for more information.

****Update**** Please this post. SmarTeam has issued a HF for SP8.

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