Shortcut Bar AKA the "S" key

SOLIDWORKS has really put in a lot of effort in the past couple of releases to minimize mouse travel and increase productivity.  One of the tools that they have added to help do this is the shortcut bar.  This shortcut bar is basically a tool bar that can be pulled up by hitting the “s” key on the keyboard.  It opens up right beside your curser eliminating the need to drag your mouse to the top command manager.  The best part about it, it’s completely customizable.  It is also context sensitive and can be pulled up in parts, assemblies and drawings.  Depending on what mode you are in, it can be modified to suit your modeling practices.  

To modify this shortcut bar, you need to first pull it up.  The “s” key is the default key to do this.  Once it is active, simply right-click on the toolbar.  The only option you get is “customize”.  Notice that it is the same menu you use to customize all other toolbars.  Simply drag the icons you wish to add onto the toolbar.  If you don’t like the default “s” key to bring up the shortcut bar, this too can be customized.  Go to the keyboard tab and search for “shortcut”.

S key 1 

Below is a screen shot of what mine looks like in sketch mode.  Because you can extrude directly from a sketch, I have added the extrude boss and cut icons among others.  Notice that the extrude cut icon is grayed out.  Just like the normal toolbars, SW will automatically gray out features that are unavailable.

S key 2 

Another shot of the shortcut bar in part mode…

 S key 3

Now go out and customize your "s" key…


Nathan Brunner, CSWP

Technical Analyst

Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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