Sketch Driven Pattern

I think one of the most underutilized features inside of SOLIDWORKS in general is the use of patterning and symmetry. In particular the sketch driven pattern. The fact that it does not absorb the sketch into the feature is enough for me. It also takes care of the issue of it just doesn't fit into the linear pattern category due to having to un-check all of the instances or dimensionally it just doesn't work. It is located under the linear pattern pull down on the command manager.  Command

You populate the sketch you want use to drive the pattern. The sketch that drives it is point driven (a series of sketch points) either by relations to something existing or to dimensions. You also have the unique ability to give the sketch as a whole a reference point to  come from.

  Command 1  This is really cool if you are doing multi body stuff and want to use a central point of reference. And since its does not get absorbed you can reuse it easily in other parts down stream in your work flow. You also have the ability to pattern multiple features or faces and cherry pick to cut down on overhead.


Todd Werginz

Technical Analyst

Computer Aided Technology

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