SmarTeam Pro/E Integration (SPI) 4.0 released

SmarTeam Pro/Engineer Integration (SPI) 4.0 is released

  • Support of ENOVIA SmarTeam V5 R18
  • Ability to configure the user specific SPI menu
  • Ability to configure SPI Session to pasive mode
  • Menu options “Release” and “New Release” available also in SPI Session menu
  • Extended options to manage the Family Table instances
    • SPI Session has a new information tab “Family Table” to see teh structure of the table
    • New configuration option to show only used instances in SPI Session main view
    • New extension of Verify All Instance option to verify only active’s document instances
    • New configuration option to synchronize attributes back to Pro\ENGINEER after Add the document to SmarTeam
  • Ability to manage the behaviour the SPI Design Editor to Pro/ENGINEER session
  • Ability to manage used revision of the linked document in SPI Design Editor

The SPI Integration provides a link to SmarTeam embedded in the Pro/Engineer session.  See screenshots below.  Questions: visit InFlow Technology



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