SmarTeam Services Error Message on Client Machines

SmarTeam Server has been installed and configured. Services are running. Client has been installed. Config.dll is pointing to the correct server. License server is working.  All configuration settings (scripts, icons etc.) have been set but when you start SmarTeam Editor, a message pops up "Please check if SmarTeam Services are started".

The reason for this error is that the SmarTeam.Std.Config.dll has been over written with the previous versions dll file. This situation happens mostly during an upgrade process. For example, the systems are upgraded from version V5R20 to V5-R62013 and because the number of clients to be upgraded are huge, IT creates a script to install SmarTeam automatically. This script includes the install process, license details etc. The config.dll is also copied to point to the correct foundation server. In this case, the config.dll from the old version i.e V5R20 was copied to all the new installs thereby overwriting the latest version dll. The dll shows version 20.0.0 instead of 23.0.0 .

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