SmarTeam SQL multi-site

Just a quick word on a bit of recent SmarTeam success…

We have a customer that is now running 3 SQL SmarTeam sites.  (Inflow now has many other Oracle multi-site SmarTeam customers)

This is the SQL server with replicated Vault files only   (DB is not replicated)

The quick performance scoop is:

–       An assembly that takes about 2 minutes @ Site1 to Open

–       Was about 24 minutes @ Site2 and is now under 2.5 minutes

–       At Site3, it simply failed before and is now about 3 minutes or less (Slower line for the DB info)

–       Login times and general object searching also decreased significantly since we now have a configuration server at each site

If you are interested in this type of solution for your company, please contact Inflow Technology @

800.875.3009 for more information

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