SolidNetwork Licensing (SNL) Activation Update and FAQ’s

SOLIDWORKS recently announced that the pilot program of SolidNetwork Licensing (SNL) Activation has been very successful. We here at CATI have had no reported problems after putting over 20 of our SNL customers in the SNL Activation pilot program.

Because of this success SolidNetwork License (SNL) server activation will be implemented as the standard licensing methodology for commercial network licenses with the SOLIDWORKS 2010 release.  Also all new SNL orders will be licensed utilizing Activation starting on July 20, 2009. Please note: SOLIDWORKS will stop shipping dongles for new SNL orders starting on July 20, 2009

If you are unfamiliar with what SNL Activation is you can look at it as a natural extension of Standalone License Activation that has been in place since the release of SOLIDWORKS 2007. SNL Activation will completely eliminate the need for USB dongles, which will greatly streamline the installation process, shorten the delivery cycle, and reduce the technical issues caused by the dongle licensing.

So rather than plugging in a physical dongle and importing a license file matching the dongle, a CAD administrator will simply launch the SNL Administrator on the license server, enter the serial number, and press an ‘Activate Now’ button. Once all of the business rules pass, the customer’s SOLIDWORKS assets will be loaded to the SNL Manager for sharing with the client computers within the company.

You may find more details on SolidNetwork Licensing (SNL) Activation from the attached FAQs or from CATI’s previous Blog postings.

Download SolidNetwork Licensing Activation FAQs


Josh Altergott

CATI Support Team Leader

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