SOLIDWORKS 2011 New Features Boost Performance

Innovative business-people who are seeking a full-spectrum of support for their three-dimensional product development will find Solidworks 2011 new features to be very impressive.

The in-built intelligence and expanded collaboration provide the baseline for increased process performance. A wide array of computer programs enable effective data management, concept development and technical support.

Photoview 360 is a user-friendly element which allows the easy creation of photo-like images and smooth animations. Use of a video gaming environment provides the ability to explore various facets of products through realistic demonstrations.

It facilitates enhanced communication among vendors, co-workers and customers.

A defeature application provides the ability to reveal specific elements of products, while keeping others private. It enables the effective sharing of relevant elements, while maintaining a safety barrier for proprietary facets. Through the production of smaller files, it enhances manageability.

The fast drawing detailing provides the ability to center and auto-align, while avoiding overlaps.

The dimensional palette application enables users to manipulate elements which have multiple dimensions. It easily modifies spacing, justification and alignment.

The enhanced beam analysis and planar simplification functions allow selected parts to be detailed quickly. Instead of a lengthy analysis of entire structures, it examines only selected elements.

This speeds the process, as well as helps to reduce redundancy.

Simulation of the cooling elements and HVAC can be achieved with another useful tool. The flow of heat and air throughout the electronic pathways can be analyzed and modified. The virtual reality platform allows analyses to be performed quickly and accurately.

Software which helps optimize piping and electrical pathways is another recent addition to the suite of programs. Modification of in-line elements can be performed graphically. Additionally, weld summary tables can easily be compiled.

An interactive storyboarding function, the 3DVIA, effectively illustrates each link.

A drag-and-drop component makes manipulation easy. This helps support better communication among clients and co-workers.

The PDM Enterprise features a design-checking facet which can automatically verify the design’s compliance with organization standards. Documentation, workflow and release stages can be streamlined.

A module which enhances memory performance is also very valuable. It manages the use of memory, which is particularly helpful while working with large design elements. The result is overall enhancement of performance during memory-intensive functions.

A top global reseller of this software suite is MCAD. They provide a wide range of services, including publishing, data management, blueprint validation and 3-dimensional design applications.

The company works collaboratively to bring products to the marketplace faster.

Collaboration among developers can improve 3-D design procedures dramatically. Interactions in a virtual environment can help maintain a cost-effective, informed development process. Additional benefits are provided through blogs, tech suggestions and free CAD tools.

The Solidworks new features 2011 releases are all-encompassing tools available to all members of design teams. User forums, white papers and demos are provided in the online resource center. Other features include virtual tours, design galleries and tutorials. An educational element provides teacher blogs, sponsorships and curriculum guidelines. Additionally, training and certification opportunities create cost-effective, relevant tools for innovators and investors.

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