SOLIDWORKS 2015 - The What's New You Didn't Hear About (Part 03 - Dynamic Reference Visualization)

When perusing a model in SOLIDWORKS that was not your own, you really need to understand the feature manager design tree for the file you are looking at. In previous versions of SOLIDWORKS you would right mouse button click on the features and display the parent child relationship dialog.


Now, with SOLIDWORKS 2015 you can experience a quicker way of viewing those inter-feature relationships by using the "Dynamic Reference Visualization" tool. You can turn in on by right mouse button clicking on the top level of the Feature Manager Design Tree and click the following icon, notice there is no text with it and is at the top of the right mouse button menu.


This will allow you to see feature relations like this.




Bob McGaughey, CSWE

Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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