SOLIDWORKS 2015 What’s New – Mirrored Parts and Components #sw2015

The mirror part command now allows the transfer of sheet metal information to a newly mirrored component. This can be useful for creating drawings of flat patterns.

When we generate sheet metal parts, sheet metal information (gauge, bend parameters, etc.) is stored in the component. In previous versions of SOLIDWORKS, this information would not be transferred when creating a mirrored part. In SOLIDWORKS 2015 we're now able to bring that information through mirror part command.

In order to mirror a part, first select the mirroring face or plane.

Next select Insert > Mirror Part…

Now in the Transfer section of the property menu, we choose what information we want to bring to the new component. So now we can bring the geometry as well as the sheet metal data. Select Sheet metal information.


The Unlocked properties box allows the sheet metal information to be edited in the new model. So if we wish to add additional sheet metal features, we will be able to alter the information for the newly created features.

Click Ok and…


We have a mirrored part that contains all the sheet metal information from the original part. This part can have additional sheet metal features added to it or it can be flattened.

Christian Maldonado

CATI Applications Engineer


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