SOLIDWORKS 2016 – Copy settings wizard issues

Recently we have had a number of customers that have installed SOLIDWORKS 2016. After the installation, they use their copy settings wizard file to import the settings back in to 2016, however no settings seem to be restored.

All settings are stored in the registry for the current user.


As you can see, there are different regisrty keys for the different versions. So what is happening is that the restore is restoring to the incorrect registry location.

The easy workaround is to open the .sldreg (copy settings wizard file) in notepad. You can see in the example below, when this is restored, it will be restoring to the SOLIDWORKS 2015 registry location, so no changes will take place in the SOLIDWORKS 2016 registry. In notepad, select the edit menu and then select Replace. Find SOLIDWORKS 2015 – Replace with SOLIDWORKS 2016. Now select "Replace All"


All the keys have now changed to the correct registry location.


Simply save the file (or save as new) – If you save as new, make sure you change the file type to "All Files", if you don't it will save it as a text file with a .txt extention.

Once saved, you can now retore your settings into 2016.

Blake Cokinis

Sr. Support Product Specialist

Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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