SOLIDWORKS 2016 – Installation issues with Microsoft KB3139923

Microsoft has done it once again……thank you for securing your OS, but please stop breaking out software installations!

Back in July 2016 Microsoft included a security patch in their updates. If you had issues with SOLIDWORKS after this, you more than likely have been in contact with us to correct the problem. Microsoft Security Patch KB3072630 did not affect the SOLIDWORKS installation, however it had many issues of different problems running SOLIDWORKS. The installation manager refers to this for versions prior to 2015 SP5.


We published a blog article on the fix for this issue:

Well now Microsoft had went 1 step further. A patch released prior to that in April, acually will break the Windows installer untility IF KB3072630 is NOT installed! You can get an error during install (Windows Installer Did not Run as Expected)…so KB3139923 breaks windows installer if KB3072630 does not exist on the system!

There are 2 options to correct this:

  • Option 1: On machines that update KB3139923 is installed, make sure that update KB3072630 is also installed.
  • Option 2: Uninstall KB3139923.

To uninstall the patch:

Go into control panel/programs and features


Select “View installed updates”


Search for KB3139923


I currently do not have this patch installed, however if you do, it will show up and then can be uninstalled.

Blake Cokinis

Sr. Support Product Specialist

Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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