SOLIDWORKS 3D Walk-Through/Fly-Through

Use SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD to quickly create powerful presentations that can accelerate time-to-market, save you time, and increase your productivity. Take a real-time, virtual tour of your design, or record a video to provide insight into your design intent while demonstrating how it works.

The Walk-Through function lets you explore the 3D geometry of machines, plants, equipment, or other systems.

To get started:

Click View > Lights and Cameras > Add Walk-through. Another way to get there is click Display Manager > View scene, lights and Cameras > Walk Through.

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Select a few settings such as Viewport settings, Viewing height above floors or Motion paths and Motion constraints.

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You are now ready to create your Walk-Through or Fly-Through.

Click Start Walk-through.

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Control your travel using just your mouse or keyboard controls.

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Use tools on the control panel to control the direction and speed of travel and the viewing direction as you move the avatar through the model.

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Record a video of your path to share with others. That's right share with others. You can save this as an AVI file.

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SOLIDWORKS makes it that easy for you to give great presentations.

Have a great day.

Roger Ruffin

Application Engineer

Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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