SOLIDWORKS: Can't add forming tool to a part. WHY?

I tried adding a forming tool (louver) to a sheet metal part by drag and drop technique. When I released it on the face, it asked if I wanted to make a derived part. I'm like what the what.

May blog 3

When I select yes, I get the property manager to insert a part in a part. Again, what the what.

May blog 4

When I select no, it opens the forming tool .sldprt file. Say it with me, what the what.

May blog 7

What I found out is. I need to designate the folder as a forming tool folder in order for it to work properly.

Right click on the forming tools folder in the Design Library and select the option so it has a check next to it.

May blog 6

Once you have selected it, a message will appear. Click yes to mark all subfolders.

May blog 9

Right click the folder again. Now we're cooking, see the check mark?

May blog 8

Now when you drag and drop that louver on the face, you will get the preview and the Form Tool Feature property manager.

May blog 10

There you go, now your cooking in peanut oil.

Roger Ruffin

Application Engineer

Computer Aided Technology, Inc

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