SOLIDWORKS: Certified and Tested Video Cards

Certified and Tested Video Cards


SOLIDWORKS, for as long as I can remember, has always given us the ability to find video card drivers and information on video cards that were certified to run with SOLIDWORKS. As computers have continued to develop over the years, the question has always been, “What about this machine or what about these type of video cards?” So, with this increased demand from the SOLIDWORKS Community, they have responded by now adding in a new Driver Status called Tested.




What does this new Tested status have in it for us? As of right now, the first machine to fall into this category is the Microsoft Surface. This is a machine that many SOLIDWORKS users are finding appealing by its small size and relative big power. You can see from the selections that there is on option for each category and it has been tested for both SOLIDWORKS 2016 and SOLIDWORKS 2017 on Windows 10 64bit.




We can see that there are two results (one for 2016 and one for 2017). We are going to show the results for SOLIDWORKS 2017 for this article. You can see from the image below that there is an icon that shows Tested and to See Notes.




When we select the Notes, we get the information on the driver and a link that takes up to the Setup Instructions




I think this is a big step for SOLIDWORKS in testing a non-professional machine and we hope that they continue to test more of the machines that the SOLIDWORKS Community asks for them to get us more information on.




Josh Altergott
Support Manager
Computer Aided Technology

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