SolidWorks Composer: Animations in a Snap! [VIDEO]

While SOLIDWORKS Composer offers incredible tools to create complex animations, sometimes a simple video will suffice. Many times, I have found that just a basic animation can help to convey the most complex ideas, concepts, and designs – and they’re really pretty easy to create!
In this example, we will look at a basic fireplace shovel; however, the assembly can be as simple or complex as it needs to be.
Start by capturing a view of your assembly, centrally located, and in its original state. Then, utilizing “Translate-Explode-Linear,” Explode it into separate components. Then systematically go through each component, restoring its neutral position and subsequently capturing its original position creating views. Once you’ve restored all of the components to their original position, you are ready to create your animation.

Expand your timeline and pin in place. Then simply drop each view onto the timeline in one-to-two second intervals to create your animation. Remember, you can select segments of time, copy, and invert to show the process in reverse.
Above is a short video that illustrates the process. Give it a try and remember: It’s the little things!

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