SOLIDWORKS: Document Properties and Flat Pattern Colors for Sheet Metal

March 2015 blog 0Document Properties and selecting the Sheet Metal category.

March 2015 blog 1

Options here control colors of information on the flat pattern as well as how the bend notes are displayed. The options for Show fixed face and Show grain direction can be turned on here and applied when a Bend Table is used.

My favorite option here is showing the bend line directions in different colors. Everything will come in black (shown below), unless you make the changes.

March 2015 blog 2

Let's add some color to this print and make it more visible and easier for the shop to read.

Let's go back to our Sheet Metal Document Properties dialog box: by selecting Options March 2015 blog 0Document Properties and selecting the Sheet Metal category.

In the Flat pattern colors box, select Bend Lines – Up Direction, to edit the color click Edit… I'm going to change the color to blue like the sky, click OK and then select Bend Lines – Down Direction and click Edit… I'm going to change this color to green like the grass.

March 2015 blog 4

Get it, Blue – Sky – Up, Green – Grass – Down. Take a look below at the results.

March 2015 blog 3

See how easy SOLIDWORKS makes it for us.

Thanks and have a great day,

Roger Ruffin

Application Engineer

Computer Aided Technology Inc.

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