SOLIDWORKS: Replace Components Options

Replace Components Options


Welcome to the new year, SOLIDWORKS users. I always like to say, new year, new me. And this new me is curious as to what the heck the options for Replace Components do.


I know what Replace Component does; it’s a good way to update a component in an assembly that has gone through a revision or change. But what in tarnation does matching the name or manually selecting a configuration mean?




Well, the new, more knowledgeable me found out:


-If you choose the “match name” option, SOLIDWORKS will try to match the configuration name of the old component with a configuration in the new replacement.


-If “manually select” is chosen, you can choose the matching configuration in the new replacement.


If the new replacement component doesn’t have any configurations, then either option will work fine.


Not as confusing as I originally thought. Nice one, SOLIDWORKS!



Madeline Speer
Application Engineer
Computer Aided Technology

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