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SOLIDWORKS Visualize has been created for anyone who needs to create professional photo-quality, images, animations, and other 3D content in the fastest and easiest way possible. SOLIDWORKS Visualize (formerly known as Bunkspeed) provides a suite of standalone software tools that combine industry-leading rendering capabilities with visual design-oriented features and workflows that enable easy and fast creation of visual content that communicates a design’s vision, passion, and emotion.

Designers, engineers, and content creators who use SOLIDWORKS or other CAD tools for product, architectural, mechanical, and other designs can produce convincing, lifelike movies and images to use for product comparisons, print and web content, design reviews, or even interactive experiences in a fast, easy, and fun way. SOLIDWORKS Visualize enables you to validate your products in record time with ease and flare

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  SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional
Supports many mainstream and generic CAD formats such as Solidworks, Pro/E / Creo, SolidEdge, Autodesk, Inventor, CATIA, Rhino, and many more    
Global illumination, ambient occlusion, screen-space shadows, IBL, color bleeding, dispersive caustics, unlimited ray-bounces, refraction, rough reflections and more    
Hybrid Based CPU and GPU rendering    
JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, HDR, PSD, MP4, MKV, and FLV output    
Color/texture, opacity, specular, anisotropic, bump, normal, and displacement mapping    
Texturable, paintable and layered decals    
Lighting, shadow and reflection casting from HDRI    
F-Stop, Focal length, Field of view and Perspective settings    
Interactive depth of field with focal point selection    
Turntable, Sun Study, and Motion blur Animations    
Key frame animations of Models, Materials, Cameras, Environments, and Lights    
Follow and aim cameras and objects    
Photometric lights (Point, Spot and Directional)    
Real-time customizable photographic camera filters    
Rasterized baked lighting and accumulation    
Render all Configurations, Cameras, and Passes    
Region Rendering    
Queue rendering manager    
Multiple viewports (Dual, Quad and Orthographic)    
Browser based VR and Panoramic output    

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SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard - 3DVision Technologies

No longer compromise marketing and presentation materials by relying on screen grabs or budget for costly photographs of physical prototypes to show your latest product. Quickly and easily create emotional content to improve the development process and provide marketing with photo-quality assets earlier than ever imagined.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard includes:

  • Lifelike photo-quality images
  • Different colors and finishes
  • High-resolution images ready for print and web
  • Technical illustrations of key features
  • Photo-quality imagery at unlimited resolution
  • Advanced multi-layer materials
  • Accurate simulation of real-world lighting with HDR support for photorealism
  • Connection to SOLIDWORKS’ FREE online Community of over 1000 free assets
  • Professional Texture Maps (Bump, Normal, Specular, Alpha, Color)
  • Interactive Part Splitter for separating surfaces without the use of CAD software
  • Preset Camera Filters enhance your images and make them pop off the screen

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SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional - 3DVision Technologies

Tell a deeper 3D story about your products with SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional. Easily generate photo-quality stills and interactive animations to effectively communicate the most complex design details. Enjoy all the features of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard plus these additional features and more.

  • Demonstrate products more effectively with full animation of parts, models, appearances, camera views, and environments
  • Quickly show off the final design with one-click 360-degree spins
  • Present and compare varying designs side-by-side with multiple viewports
  • Intuitively create dynamic camera fly-bys in a snap with unique Camera Animation
  • Rapidly generate colorways and product variants using Configurations
  • Create interactive web content (VR and Panoramas)
  • Customizable Camera Filters, Advanced lighting, and Environment features
  • Present designs in real time with new Presentation Mode and Adjustable Baked lighting for interactive presentations

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