SOLIDWORKS World 2011 Call for Papers

As everyone may or may not know SOLIDWORKS holds a user conference every year and it has come time once again for SOLIDWORKS to ask it users to submit ideas for presentations for the upcoming SOLIDWORKS World.

So the questions that arise are Where in the world is SOLIDWORKS World, When is SWW, What is SWW, Why is SW looking for presentation ideas & How is it going to benefit me if I submit a presentation idea?

Where in the world is SOLIDWORKS World? Every year SOLIDWORKS World is in a different location. This year it is in San Antonio, Texas. Past locations have included Las Vegas, San Diego, New Orleans, Orlando, & Anaheim.

When is SWW? This year it is Sun Jan 23rd – Wed Jan 26th and is generally held anytime from mid Jan. to mid Feb. each year.

What is SWW? SOLIDWORKS World is an annual user conference that SOLIDWORKS hosts for its users. The conference gives all the SOLIDWORKS users a chance to get together in one location and see over 100 presentations on all aspects of the software. Attendees have the ability to see the different partner products that SOLIDWORKS has to offer along with seeing some of the products that are designed in SolidWorks. The conference offers the opportunity to take the CSWP (Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional) Exam or enter into a SOLIDWORKS modeling competition.

Why is SOLIDWORKS looking for presentation ideas? The presentations that are offered at SWW are presentations or hands on sessions that are created by the users, resellers and SOLIDWORKS employees on every topic from hardware setup to surface modeling and are intended for users of all experience levels to attend to learn more about SOLIDWORKS and what it can do to make SOLIDWORKS and the attendees more efficient in how they use their software.

How is it going to benefit me if I submit a presentation idea? When you submit a presentation idea and it gets accepted SOLIDWORKS will pay for your entry fee into SOLIDWORKS World. The only cost incurred by the presenter is hotel, meal and travel costs.

I have presented at SWW2006, SWW2007, SWW2009 & SWW2010 have submitted two presentation ideas for SWW2011 and have enjoyed each year that I have been to SWW and always gotten positive feedback from each of my presentations.

If you would like to submit a presentation, go to this web page and fill out the online form The deadline to submit ideas is in September so get your ideas in soon as space is always limited. I would also suggest to type out your ideas in Word first so to check spelling, grammar & word count. I have included a series of screen shots from the online form of one of my submissions to give everyone an idea of what SW is looking for.

Download SOLIDWORKS World 2011 Online Form

If there are any questions about this process feel free to contact me at any time.

Josh Altergott

Support Team Leader

Computer Aided Technology

888-308-2284 x8029

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