Stratasys FDM Material Handling & Storage

FDM Material Handling & Storage:

When handling 3D print material that is on an open spool use two hands. Hold the spool with one hand and the filament with the other before loading and after unloading from a 3D printer. If the filament becomes free to unwind on its own, be sure to carefully place it back on the spool without cross winding. If the filament becomes cross wound, it will cause jams and break off the spool during the feed operation.

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To prevent filament from cross winding during storage, keep cartridges and spools in an upright vertical position. Do not store them lying down flat.

, Stratasys FDM Material Handling & Storage

Stratasys includes a manufactured date but does not include an expiration date on its thermoplastic materials. Thermoplastics typically do not degrade over time unless exposed to high temperatures, humidity, UV light, ozone or other adverse conditions. To keep material in optimal condition when not in use, store it between 65 – 75º F and keep relative humidity at 50% or less. Canisters, cartridges, and spools should remain sealed prior to use. Materials stored outside of the machine need to kept in resealable Mylar bags or an airtight container. If material is not stored properly, complete a moisture test and drying process to ensure moisture content is below 0.04%.

Resealable Mylar bags can be found on our website at:

405502-0001-S Carrier Storage Bags – 2 Pack

, Stratasys FDM Material Handling & Storage

For recycling information on used material storage containers visit:

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this helps you understand the necessary precautions needed to ensure the best possible performance of FDM materials.

David Survant
Field Service Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.


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