Stratasys Objet Printer Keeps Rebooting

There may come a time when your Stratasys Objet printer suddenly starts rebooting by itself. If this happens, it may just be an issue of a bad fan causing the printer to overheat and then reboot. If this is happening, there are two fans that need to be checked.

The first fan is on the motherboard. To see it you must remove the front cover. Do this by removing the 4 screws securing it at the top, opening the material drawer and then lifting the cover up and removing it from the printer. Once the cover is removed, look inside at the left side frame and you will see the motherboard.

You may need to remove the overflow container. See below:

, Stratasys Objet Printer Keeps Rebooting

Check the fan on the motherboard and make sure it is turning.

, Stratasys Objet Printer Keeps Rebooting

The other fan to check for this issue is the power supply fan. To look at this fan you will need to remove all the screws securing the back cover, remove the filter and then pull the cover straight back to remove it. The power supply is located at the bottom right.

, Stratasys Objet Printer Keeps Rebooting

The fan is below the left power connector on the back of the power supply. Sometimes this connector can be loose. Pushing the connector tight into the power supply will make sure the connection is good. Check the fan and make sure it is spinning.

If either of the fans are not working properly or the cable going to the power supply is loose the printer can shut off or reboot.

If you see that one of the fans is not working and needs to be replaced contact us and we will open a support case for you. You can contact us at

Paula Durham
Field Service Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.


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