Streamline Product Documentation With 3DVIA Composer - Part 4

Part 4. Delivering accurate field service, maintenance, and repair information

In a global economy where customers reside in different countries, the ability to provide accurate and universally comprehensible field service, maintenance, and repair documentation is critical.

Providing this type of product documentation has presented greater challenges, added demands on engineering resources that do not carry primary responsibility for its development, and increased operational costs. For example, documenting the intricate details necessary for showing how to dismantle a machine, perform a maintenance service or repair, and reassemble it might require a series of step-by-step graphics from Engineering. Service technicians frequently call in to engineering departments to get this type of information for use in the field. Complicating this challenge even further is the fact that the field-service technician may speak another language, requiring translations of service or repair documentation materials, which adds further costs and also delays product shipment in many industries.

, Streamline Product Documentation With 3DVIA Composer – Part 4
With 3DVIA Composer, manufacturing can replace text-based field service instructions with graphics and video animation, therby improving service operations, minimizing the need for language translations, reducing training needs, and decreasing operational costs.

Check back tomorrow for Part 5 of 7 covering “Publishing effective training materials.”

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*This article provides excerpts from the “Streamlining Product Documentation across the Manufacturing Enterprise with 3DVIA Composer White paper, published by  DS SOLIDWORKS Corp.

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