SOLIDWORKS Sketch Slot Symmetric Relation

SOLIDWORKS Sketch Slot Symmetric Relation

There are often times when designing a part that a typical placement for a sketch entity doesn't always conform to the standard horizontal or vertical placements.  Sometimes you need to get creative in how you place the "design intent" into your sketch for parametric updates.  We use parametric software, so why not get the most out of it.  Introducing an outside of the box solution.  Take this example of a block with an irregular cutout on the surface.  Your task is to create a slotted cutout that remains "centered" between the two angular edges of the cutout.  



So, you make a sketch on this surface, and create the slot sketch entity.  Now you need to define this. So select the center line of the sketch slot as well as the two edges of the angled cut from the previous feature.


Once selected, either pick the symmetric relation from the pop up box or the property manager window on the left side of your screen.


Here is your result.  Now, when you complete this feature, you can control the design of the angled cut and see how this cut will update and maintain this symmetric relation throughout your design iterations!



So there is another tool for you to keep handy in your office desk drawer.  Remember that relations in sketches are often displayed only when viable.  So don't hesitate to click around to see what other goodies might be hiding around in your next SOLIDWORKS design session.  Enjoy!

Brian Reel
CATI Technical Analyst 

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