The Sophistication of the Manufacturing Technology Consumer

Now that we are well into 2013 and 2012 is behind us it is always useful to look at what has changed(evolved) over time and what is still the same.

As a technology provider to engineering and manufacturing organizations, we have seen a number of changes, to say the least, in our 20-plus years of operations. I like bullet points because I have a really short attention span so I will use those.

First, what has not changed in terms of what our clients expect: 

  • High level of rapid response to support issues
  • An expectation that we are providing only the best solutions -That the solutions
    actually work

So nothing very surprising in those elements. Now lets take a look at a top-level view of some things that have evolved. 

  • Instead of throwing additional personnel at problems, companies are increasingly looking at maximizing their output via better processes or technologies
  • Clients are now competing globally in more and more situations -Differentiation is even more key than before. The ability to differentiate via technology solutions is very broad. From offering interactive 3d content for assembly manuals to proof of concept 3d models can be huge.
  • Instead of in-house resources, companies are using external,flexible partner personnel to complement their own teams
  • The availability of powerful yet mainstream tools allows every aspect of product
    development to be streamlined for a wider range or organizations

Because of these trends, as a partner it is no longer acceptable to have generalists to support all technologies. A number of years ago, we decided to invest heavily in specialized resources and continue to do so. The manufacturing consumer will only continue to raise their expectations and level of sophistication as times goes on.


Rich Werneth
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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