Trek Bicycle Accelerates Design Cycles With Objet 3D Printer

Last Month Objet and Desktop Engineering hosted a webinar discussing Trek's improvement to their design cycle by incorporating Objet 3D printing.  Objet and Desktop Engineering have made available a recording of the webinar. If you missed the presentation here is your chance to catch it.

>Click here to view the recording

During the webinar you'll learn from Mike Zeigle, Manager of Trek's Prototype Development Group, how Objet's 3D printing technology:

  • Cuts prototyping costs, allowing for multiple iterations and a superior product;
  • Accelerates design cycles, bringing better products to market faster;
  • Provides a competitive advantage, allowing Trek to continue as market leader in development, design and manufacturing of bikes.

  >Click here to view the recording

Jim TeDesco
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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