UV Ignition Timeout on Stratasys Objet Desktop

One common issue we see quite frequently on the Objet Desktop line is UV Ignition Timeout errors. This can be caused by a number if things ranging from a software glitch to a broken UV bulb. If your machine has a UV error there are two quick things you can do to try to either figure out what is wrong or get you up and running. The first is to simply restart the printer software. like I mentioned software glitches can happen so restarting the software may be all you need to do.

The second is to check to see if the UV bulb has exploded. The bulb in enclosed so you don’t have to worry about broken glass. Just unscrew the UV assembly using the two silver thumb screws and give it a shake. If it’s broken you can hear the glass. If you need a new bulb just contact your service provider. This item is covered under the standard warranty and can be installed by the customer. If your machine is not covered under contract you can purchase a new bulb. Again, contact your service provider and let them know you need a new bulb, or you can buy one through our online store. They will be able to order the new part for you. The part number is “ASY-34321-S REFLECTOR LAMP UV SUB ASSYat the time of writing this (7/2018) the cost is around $800.00. This price is subject to change at any time.

Below are pictures of the UV assembly out of its holding bracket and a picture of a good bulb.


, UV Ignition Timeout on Stratasys Objet Desktop , UV Ignition Timeout on Stratasys Objet Desktop


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