V5R20 Released

The new version of V5R20 SP1 has been released.

Dassault has released a video that showcases the new version of ENOVIA V5. The video may be viewed here: http://www.3ds.com/products/v5r20/

The ENOVIA V5R20 fact sheet may be viewed here: http://www.3ds.com/fileadmin/PRODUCTS/ENOVIA/PDF/v5r20/V5R20-ENOVIA-SmarTeam-Factsheet.pdf

As an Inflow Technology customer, you can contact us to get your software media sent to you. Just give us a call!

While glossing over the "What's New" document for V5R20 I found the following points of interest:

  • Windows 7 is not supported.
    •  I have been told that it will be supported in the second quarter. Most likely SP4
  • BOM Briefcase is disabled in the product.  
    •      If your organization does require BOM Briefcase, you must contact Dassault to activate the product on an "As Is" basis.

  •     The Web Editor has received a few enhancements.

    • Thumbnail Presentation.

    • Icon Per File Type

    • Upload Documents

    • Improved performance    


  • SolidWorks Integration Improvements.

    • Enhancements for Lightweight components.

    • Enhancements to the DMT

    • Some Display State support

    • Enhancements to Suppressed Components

    • "Open for Edit" in the Solidworks Open Dialog.    


  • BOM enhancements. 

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