What I learned at AMUG 2017 Part 2

In my last post, I meantioned I wanted to share what our team shared with me reguading their trip to AMUG this year.  This blog post will be on what Siohban Kelly, Account Manager, learned at AMUG 2017 in Chicago.  See Part 1 here.

There’s so many great seminars and networking opportunities at AMUG, it was hard to narrow down this list!

  1. Hands-on work shop learning how to create patterns for investment and sand casting,  and then actually pour and finish the metal part,  was a real learning opportunity.    It gave me a vivid understanding of the 3d printed application for potential customers in the Casting Industry.
  2. Hands-on work shop finishing PolyJet parts in vero clear gave me an appreciation for what it takes in time/material/manpower (elbow grease) to generate a truely clear part. It was great to put a face to the Stratasys contacts I talk to and email constantly.  They are a great bunch of people.  I also learned Jeremy Marvin, our Applications Engineer, is a perfectionist, as he attended the same hands-on work shop.
  3. Listening to a key member of the Additive Manufacturing Industry quote Dale Carnegie’s  Sales approach made me go home and get a copy of his 1937 classic- ‘How To Win Friends & Influence People’.  I was able to finish the book by the end of the weekend.
  4. An amazing number of new players arrive on the Additive Manufacturing scene each year –  growth appears to be exponential.  This was apparent in one of the keynote sessions by Todd Grimm,  President of T.A. Grimm and Associates, who listed each new manufacturer of 3D Printing equipment.  He also touched on attendee growth at the annual AMUG conference.
  5. Stratasys sessions were well attended and well organized.  They were the Industry leader offering broad knowledge and experience with numerous materials, equipment, applications and solutions.  Many of the other players seemed to offer niche products, not start-to-finish solutions.
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