What's New with Materalise Magics

With this year’s new version, Magics 24, comes some great improvements to help you prepare models for additive manufacturing

In this new edition, Materalise has added .3mf support , a chamfering tool, and reworked the backend algorithms to boost the speed of Magic’s editing tools. Hollowing, perforating, and cutting are solved up to 3 times faster.

Speaking of the cutting tool, the lap joint tool now has a preview for parameter adjustments before the cut is applied. This makes partial lap joints easier and quicker to add to your files.

, What’s New with Materalise Magics

A new tool to magics is the honeycomb tool. This builds a honeycomb structure hollowing out selected faces making a light weight and material conscious design.

, What’s New with Materalise Magics

In the sintering module, the controls for nesting parts have been improved. Parts orientation can be more closely controlled within the nesting tool. The freedom in the part’s rotation and translation can be individually controlled, making it possible to achieve high build tray density while maintaining the proper build orientation of the part.

Additionally, you can now nest parts using only the bounding box of said parts. This is a very quick and organized solution when time is a priority.

, What’s New with Materalise Magics

While building supports, you can now transfer supports between models. Eliminating the need to completely rebuild a support structure when you work on a new iteration of a part.

, What’s New with Materalise Magics

In the support generation and sintering modules, there is now a slice distribution analyzer. This produces a graph of slice area vs. build height. This helps those setting up build trays, on power-based printers, produce more stable and successful prints.

, What’s New with Materalise Magics

Finally, the nesting tool in the sintering module has seen speed improvements as high as 30x faster.

If you are interested in seeing these features in more detail or are interested in using Magics, please reach out to our Manufacturing Solutions team.

Collin Manchester
Application Engineer, Manufacturing Solutions
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.

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