100 Versions of eDrawings on the wall, 100 versions of eDrawings...

How many versions of eDrawings do you suppose you have installed on your machine?

100? Likely not that many, but if your computer has been around a while, there is a good chance you have more than one. If your machine has the SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM client installed on it, you probably have several!

I’ve seen a customer’s computer with six versions installed!

Is it a big deal? If you aren’t a EPDM user, probably not, they are just taking up disk space. If you are an EPDM user, they could be conflicting with each other making your preview slow, or not work at all.

The young pups of the group may think it is as simple as going to your computer’s Add/Remove programs, find any eDrawings applications listed, and remove them.

Ahh if that was only the case! After you remove all of those you are only half way home.

Next you need to find all of your old SOLIDWORKS installations in the Add/Remove programs, choose to “Change” (or “Modify” depending on your operating system and the SOLIDWORKS version)


Then go to the product selection and remove eDrawings from there. Only the more recent versions will have eDrawings there (I think SOLIDWORKS 2009 and up??)


Make sure you keep your latest version or else you’ll be sad.

For EPDM users, I recommend removing them all, then putting in your EPDM install disk, do a “modify installation” and installing eDrawings from there.


This way you’ll know you have [only] the latest and greatest version, and it will be the professional version to boot.

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