12 days of InFlow - 3DExperience Swym Communities

Christmas is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate other than talk about 3DExperience?! Santa is hard at work getting ready for the season and using a 3DSwym community may help him tremendously. Earlier this week, we introduced the 3DExperience SOLIDWORKS add in. This time around, we will elaborate on communities and their benefits inside the platform.

, 12 days of InFlow – 3DExperience Swym Communities

1. Collaboration

Over the past several months, InFlow Technology has been working towards learning and growing its 3DExperience portfolio. From the get-go, the need for Swym communities became apparent. Much like Microsoft Teams, 3DSwym promotes conversational history to boost collaboration and communication. User can create posts, ideas, questions, surveys and wikis in order to collaborate with each other.

Furthermore, timelines and community details allow people to stay focused and keep track of everything that is going on around them. Independent of which team users are in, there is a community for them inside the 3DExperience platform. Engineers can share and collaborate CAD data, marketing can share and collaborate new wikis and ideas, while purchasing may use it to share customer details and requirements. Additionally, the collaboration is not bound to a company’s network; users are able to communicate with others outside their organization and create external groups if so desired.


2. Metrics

On top of the collaboration aspect, there is the information setting. 3DSwym has a built-in analytics application which allows power users to understand what people have been up to. It provides metrics on the number of posts, number of messages, number of visitors, existing content type and survey responses. All organized within a single application.


3DSwym Metrics

3. Communication

Secondary to its collaboration functionality, 3DSwym allows personal conversations between users. With this added capability, users are able to keep private conversations on essential topics that do not necessarily need everyone’s attention. Finally, communities like the one shown below will disturb how we communicate today and allow for better collaboration.

, 12 days of InFlow – 3DExperience Swym Communities


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