Recommended Enterprise Upgrade Procedure


Recommended steps for upgrading SOLIDWORKS Enterprise 2009 either service packs or from a previous version. (If upgrading from an old version, ensure you have a license file before starting.)

1. It is recommended that all files are checked in.

2. If possible, do not uninstall all old SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM clients until the upgrade is completed.

3. Backup the SQL-server SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM database.

4. Make sure that no users are working in the SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM file vault.

5. Upgrade the SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Archive Server software (this includes the web server if you are using it).

6. Upgrade the SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM Database Server software.

7. On the database server, run \Upgrade\Upgrade.exe

8. Check the vault in the administration tool, if it has a red plus, RMC click and choose “UPGRADE”

8.1. If this is an upgrade from a previous version, enter your new license file in the Administration tool.

8.2. Since you have everyone out of the vault anyway, this may be a good time to upgrade your SQL to 2008?

9. Upgrade Clients

10. Optionally you may choose to upgrade your SOLIDWORKS files to the new SOLIDWORKS 2009 format. This can be accomplished with “\Support\File Version Upgrade\File Version Upgrade.exe”