SpeedPak your parts


SpeedPak is the best thing for large assemblies since…ever.

speedpakI won’t even listen to complainers who gripe about their slow assemblies if they aren’t using SpeedPak. Not using SpeedPak is like pushing your car around town rather than driving it. The only ding I have against it is that it only works on assemblies -you can’t speedpak parts. [Light bulb]…but you can put parts into assemblies.

I just took a single part that took 21 seconds to open, put that part into an empty assembly and then speedpack-ed it. That one part assembly opens in 5 seconds. So my suggestion is to put this one-part assembly into your designs, not the part. Granted it costs an extra file, but this is a great solution for those of you that get large imported models that you have to use in your designs.

I hope all of you turn in “Add speedpak support for parts” as an enhancement request for SOLIDWORKS 2010.

7 comments on “SpeedPak your parts

  1. thats fine if you don’t need DWG export support. (its not compatible) some of us still need deliverables in this 🙁

  2. Billy Bob?! Is that you? I have four cousins with that name!

    Oh yes, DWG export would be a swell enhancement too. I’m turning that request in now!

  3. Hi Jeff,
    I like SpeedPak, but works only with certified graphics card.
    Why Inventor uses Direct3D with cheap graphic cards when SOLIDWORKS need to buy expensive graphic cards ?

  4. I don’t see a reason to do anything without a certified graphics card. A good quality graphics card is a good investment. If SOLIDWORKS can offload some of the work to the graphics card, that means less work for your CPU, which means better performance.

    I have no idea why SOLIDWORKS needs more expensive cards than IV…but again I don’t mind putting money into a card because of the performance gains.

  5. Hi Jeff,
    a Quadro FX570 and a GeForce 8 series have the same GPU (G84), only that the FX570 costs 300 Euro and the GeForce 8600 costs 50 euros.
    There is only a difference in the BIOS, and little else that does not justify this difference.
    And then, the FX 570 is fine for small assemblies.
    I see manipulate large assemblies with a GeForce with Inventor.
    You know what’s missing at SOLIDWORKS Corp. to invest in Direct3D?
    Money for the development of the software are dedicated to insert PhotoView 360, Sage and attractive things, but of little use to the designers (in terms of performance, resolution of bugs, stability, completeness command) … See all Xpress tools(CosmosXpress, DMFXpress, FlowXpress, etc..) do you use this Xpress tools ?
    See you.

  6. Not all computers are compatible with the certified cards. I work on a Mac Pro, using Vista 64 bit, and I can’t get a certified card. Before you say anything about my mac, ask yourself if your PC has *8* cores and *10* gigs of RAM. Too bad, SpeedPak seems great. and, no, I can’t soft-mod my Geforce 8800 GT into a Quadro, ugh.

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