Keep your Drawing Views Rolling


Have you ever wanted to rotate a model in a drawing view like you can in eDrawings? SOLIDWORKS should really add this functionality. Oh wait….they did.
Inside your drawing, if you go to View>Modify>3D Drawing View, you will be asked which view you want to rotate.

Once you choose the view, you will be able to rotate, pan, and zoom.

Now you can see the back side of your model in real time.
With it rotated you can open the Orientation View box and create a custom view. When you go back to the model, the custom view will be there for you to use.

What a great tool. Thank you SolidWorks.

One comment on “Keep your Drawing Views Rolling

  1. PLUS the GREATEST thing about that is that you can SELECT while you are in the “ROTATE” mode !!
    i.e. you need to select some part/edge that you CAN’T SEE in the drawing view, just ROTATE the view, select what you want, and when you exit out of the rotate mode, it will still be SELECTED !!

    -Randy Simmons
    3DVision Technologies

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