Easiest 3D Sketch,… EVER.


Creating a Weldment frame, a layout for a lofted feature or surface, or ANYthing that needs a 3D Sketch ??
Want to create that 3D Sketch in the EASIEST way, EVER ?!

Just make an EXTRUSION of the shape you need, then start a new 3D Sketch. Turn on your EDGE filter !! (“e” key for most people), and WINDOW SELECT the entire part, and CONVERT ENTITIES !!
E-A-S-Y !!

(you may want to go to Wireframe mode before window selecting, depending on your settings for TOOLS-OPTIONS-SYSTEM OPTIONS-DISPLAY/SELECTION-Selection of Hidden Edges)

You could THEN just HIDE the solid, or do a DELETE BODY on it.

Think how much easier this is to EDIT for changes !!

easy 3D Sketch

You can of course get A LOT more complicated than my example with multiple extrudes, extrudes up to surfaces, trimming with planes or surfaces first, etc….

Have FUN !!

5 comments on “Easiest 3D Sketch,… EVER.

  1. This is a good idea. However, if you delete the solid body then you would be left with a bunch of broken “On Edge” relations, no? If you leave the body and hide it then you end up with a bazillion weight part (say you are making a steel weldment). For those reasons I’m thinking I’ll try this as an extruded surface.

  2. NO. You do a “DELETE BODY” not just DELETE the body !
    i.e. Go to the Solid Bodies folder in the feature tree, expand the folder, select the solid body and hit the DELETE KEY on the keyboard. Then hit OK.
    This gives you the best of both worlds. The body is GONE from memory, but it is still there if you roll back !

  3. Ah, cool. Thanks for the reply. I didn’t know that trick. Had to go and show the Solid Bodies folder first.

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