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A few weeks ago I was telling you about the new cool forms in DriveWorks 8. Want to see them for yourself? Check this out: http://live.driveworks.co.uk/Login (Login and password is “Guest”) Pretty cool eh? …some of the 3D stuff is driven by eDrawings, so you’ll need to knock the dust off your Internet Explorer if you want to optionally see the 3D models.

So the next logical question is: “Can you incorporate DriveWorks Live into your existing web site?” -Do you think I would have brought it up if you couldn’t? Here is a pretty cool example: http://www.driveworkssolo.com/index.php/what-is-solo/roi. That ROI tool at the bottom of the page is powered by DriveWorks Professional/Live.

Lately I’ve found I use the web when considering nearly all of my purchases. I may not actually buy the product over the web, but I certainly go to the company’s web site to see what they have to offer. When comparing two competitors, it certainly is helpful if their site gives me a clear insight to what they have to offer.

Oh…the 3D preview format doesn’t have to be in eDrawings, it supports other 3D formats too. – In the off chance that not all of your customers use Internet Explorer.

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  1. A lot of excitement has been generated by the user interface enhancements in DriveWorks 8, but what most people don’t really recognize is that the UI provides the most benefit in any Design Automation implementation. Everyone focuses on the automation of SOLIDWORKS models or drawings, bit that’s mainly because it is sexy and demos well. The user interface, however, provides a few key benefits. First is that you collect COMPLETE information. It never comes up in the demo, but one of the main problems in most sales processes is the time lost in back and forth exchanges between engineering, sales and the client due to sales gathering incomplete information. The second is when sales gathers bad or non-manufacturable information. The design automation UI design process captures the design intent and all of the intelligence of the design to validate the design as the information is being input, not on the back side when the SOLIDWORKS models are being built. This prevents bad data and non-manufacturable designs from even being considered. A properly designed UI also maintains the accuracy of the information. No mistyped values, no fractional values when whole numbers are required, etc.
    ROI should not be a matter of how fast your models get built. Sure it is a nice time savings and in many cases, that time savings alone can justify the investment. But the reality of the situation is that nobody ever saved themselves into being a millionaire. If you want to increase your bottom line, you really need to increase the top line, revenues. By presenting an effective UI and/or web tool, you can garner more prospects, generate more quotes faster. And because you now have a system generating them, you can offer more customized solutions at a more competitive price. So now you have more quotes being generated and a higher close rate on them. Now THAT turns into money.
    So bravo on bringing it up, Jeff. Keep preaching the gospel, brother, let’s let everyone know what can really be done. I’m on my iPad right now, where I do my shopping. People need to understand that there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to sit here on my couch and configure an industrial pump or a custom fire truck or any other product that they make sitting right here, over the web.

    – TheSherpa

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