2014 BetaSOLIDWORKS 2014 Beta has just been released.  This is a great time to experiment with the next version of software before everyone else.  You are able to test out the ~200+ enhancements in anticipation for the full version release.

Historically, there has been 3 “Beta” versions and a “Pre-Release” before Service Pack 0.  During each “Beta” version, there are competitions.  They range from finding different bugs to the best high quality renderings.  The winners receive Amazon gift cards ranging from $50 to $400.  The Beta contest are for SOLIDWORKS, Enterprise, Simulation, Composer, and PhotoView 360 Renderings.

To get started with 2014 “Beta”, go to:

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  1. AND if customers don’t get Beta and bang around on it how can you expect the bugs to be found BEFORE the “real thing” gets released in SP0 ??

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