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  1. Question for this option:

    [X] Show working versions of files
    [X] Always work with latest version of files
    Users can only see the latest version of a file, regardless of revision status. (Commonly used in companies that do not use the revision feature in EPDM.)

    This will not eliminate assemblies referencing “old versions”.
    For instance:
    An assembly (version 15) contains a sprocket (version 15)
    Said sprocket is updated and saved to version 16. Assembly is not opened in sw.
    Assembly in EPDM list version 16 in the contains tab of the assembly.
    We always only want to see latest version.
    Thanks for any insight.

  2. Hi Jill. EPDM is always going to show assembly 15 referencing sprocket 15 in the contains and BOM. That is EPDM’s job, to be able to tell you exactly what any file looked like at any point in time. It certainly isn’t going to do what you are looking for today. I recommend turning in an enhancement request.

    However, if you open assembly 15 inside SOLIDWORKS, the settings you listed would bring in sprocket 16.

  3. Jeff, Have these settings changed in 2014? I am looking at User Settings: Reference Dialog… is this the right place?

  4. In 2014, “Show working versions of files” is a folder right, “Always work with latest version of files” is a user setting under “Reference Dialog”

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