SOLIDWORKS 2015 What’s New – Width Mate and Angle Mate #sw2015


SOLIDWORKS 2015 What's New – Width Mate and Angle Mate #sw2015

We must say that SOLIDWORKS 2015 has made it easier to apply and modify mates. Let's go over the angle mate for now. In the previous versions when you apply the angle mate you had to go through some trial and error to get the parts in the correct angle to each other.


In SOLIDWORKS 2015, the angle mate feature has more graphical notifications letting the you know which angle is complimentary or supplementary. The new Reference Entity option in the property manager allows you to make that distinction. Not only does it let you flip the direction, so that in this case, the plates orientate themselves in the correct direction, the option also keeps the mate from flipping unexpectedly.


The Width Mate has also been updated to accommodate the location of two parts with respect to each other. When you have two parts that are different lengths, the width Mate gives you the options of Centered, Free, Dimensioned, and Percentage to locate the parts.


Ketul Patel

CATI Application Engineer

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