How to manage the SOLIDWORKS Dimension Spacing Options


When dimensions are put on a drawing, they are placed where we click or where the Rapid dimensioning Rapid Dimensioning(Dimensions Assist Tool) puts it.

When tolerances are added, the dimensions move. This is frustrating because more time is spent cleaning up the dimension spacing. The good news is that there is a checkbox for that!

Go to Tools > Options > System Options > Drawings   Uncheck Reduce spacing when dimensions are deleted or edited (add or change tolerances, text, etc.)

System Options


If you prefer to leave that option checked, you can control the dimension spacing yourself. Go to Tools > Options > Document Properties > Dimensions.  Change the Offset distances to your requirements.

Documnet Options

I hope you find this tip useful.

Thanks for reading!

Judy Marlo, CSWP

Application Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, Inc