Updating Standard Views in SOLIDWORKS


Often, we like to use the standard views that SOLIDWORKS offers. Other times, in order to work smarter not harder, we want to change things up and customize SOLIDWORKS to work in our favor.

Back in 2013, SOLIDWORKS added the functionality of Updating Standard Views. With many “What’s New” blog posts with each release of SOLIDWORKS, sometimes features slip through the cracks.

Let me introduce you to, or rather, re-introduce you to Updating Standard Views.

Open a model in SOLIDWORKS. Below is an isometric view of the model I chose.

solidworks updating standard views isometric model view

Once it opens, press the Space Bar and the Orientation Dialogue Box opens.

solidworks updating standard views orientation dialog box

Select the View Selector solidworks view selector command to deactivate it and select the Pin solidworks pin view command to pin the Orientation Dialogue Box.

solidworks updating standard views orientation dialog box

Select the Top .

solidworks updating standard views top view orientation

Select Update Standard Views .

SOLIDWORKS will prompt you to select the standard view to assign to the current view.

solidworks updating standard views in orientation dialog box

Select the Front View solidworks front view command icon .

This warning box will appear:

solidworks updating standard views warning message

Select Yes and the standard views will update with the current view set as the Front View.

This is the new Isometric View:

solidworks updated standard view isometric model view

To get the views back to the original standard, select the Reset Standard Views

This warning will appear:

Simple to use. Easy to go back to the SOLIDWORKS standard view.

I hope you found this helpful! Thanks for reading.

Judy Marlo, CSWE
Application Engineer
Computer Aided Technology, LLC