SOLIDWORKS Schematic Speed Boost: Adding Content Shortcuts


Fairly often, I see users struggle with laying down schematic lines and symbols. They are usually having to bounce back and forth between line styles to get what they want “just right”. They then spend more time trying to get the look of their content cosmetically right while missing out on a couple of easy steps that would speed them up. SOLIDWORKS Schematic has a couple of tricks to speed that up!

Laying down multiple wire styles on a drawing can be trying. Especially when making sure you have selected the correct style, then drawn the correct way you would like on the drawing page. There are two easy tricks to move things along at a nice pace. The first is to draw your wires using the style you have selected. Regardless of it is the correct style, just draw the connections between how you want them on the page. Once you have the content down, it is a simple Replace command that swaps out to the correct style you need.


The other shortcut is that if you start a connection or single style from an existing, regardless of what you have picked for a style to draw, it will inherit the style you are starting from. Adding lines to an existing style or connection is the best use for this shortcut and will save a lot of time changing up selections.

When wanting to add several instances of the same symbol invoking the insert symbol command is two clicks away! No more adding a symbol, placing on the drawing and then using your shortcut key to redo the command or clicking the icon again. Once you have selected the insert symbol, on the insertion panel there are two options that need to be selected. Select the pin command and check the “Automatic Marks” or “Ask for Properties” depending on which version of the software you are using, under the symbol orientation. Now you will be able to add multiple instances of that selected symbol on your drawing while creating a component for each instance. If you had not selected the “Automatic Marks”, you would be presented with the symbol properties window. Once completed with that window, the command stays open and you are able to add another instance.

Now you are generating that design easier and more important maybe a little bit faster!

Corey Kubichka
CATI Electrical Product Manager
Computer Aided Technology, Inc.